OSHO Manan

OSHO Manan Neo-Sannyas Commune

'OSHO' is a new beginning in the stream of Enlightenment. By presenting vision of new man ' Zorba The Buddha' to the world he started new path where Science & Religion merge together first time.

During late 60's a rebellious voice emerged in the Spiritual World namely 'Acharya Shree Rajneesh' and was spread like forest fire in India.

People of India were influenced through his discourses and those who were seeking for truth started to gather around him from rest of the world.

In 1970, OSHO resided in Mumbai. During this period from every part of Gujarat,seekers started to take interest in Osho Discourses. They invited Osho for conducting meditation camps & discourse series. They were influenced by his exceptional clarity and deep thinking about truth and many of them joined in the flow of rebellious consciousness.



Osho Manan Neo-Sannyas Commune is one of the largest communes of India.

It is surrounded by lush green enviornment which is helpful for a seeker to go deep in meditation.
It offers a seeker not only a perfect atmosphere for meditation, but a nice full facilited resort also.
The vision of osho "Life is a celebration" is motto of the commune and which can be smelled throughout the commune activities.




Dates/Days of Event
(21) 22,23,24 Jan-2016, (Thu) Fri-Sat-Sun (Meditation Camp)
(13) 14 To 20 Feb-2016,(Sat) Sun To Sat (No-Mind Therapy)
(24) 25,26,27 - Mar-2016,(Thu) Fri-Sat-Sun (Meditation Camp)
(19) 20,21,22 May-2016,(Thu) Fri-Sat-Sun (Meditation Camp)
(21) 22,23,24 Jul-2016,(Thu) Fri-Sat-Sun (Meditation Camp)
(09) 10,11,12 Sep -2016,(Fri) Sat-Sun-Mon (Meditation Camp)
(01) 02 To 08 OCT-2016,(Sat) Sun To Sat (No-Mind Therapy)
(30) 31,01,02,03,04 Oct/Nov-2016, (Sun) Mon To Fri (5 DAYS "WINTER FESTIVAL")
(20) 21 To 11 NOV/DEC - 2016, (Sun) Mon To Sun (MYSTIC ROSE)

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Osho Manan Neo-Sannyas Commune
Near Railway Over Bridge,
Palavasana, Mehsana – 384 003
Gujarat, INDIA

Contact Nos.

Phone : + 91 - (0) 2762 - 225289 or 225177
Mobile : (0) 94289 - 59979

Office Working Hours

9:00 am to 12.00 noon,
3:00 pm to 6.00 pm

Email ID


Note: Please bring your photo ID Card
Maroon and white robes compulsory
Entry in Meditation Hall restricted for children below 12 years of age